7 Tips For a More Healthy Workspace by Maddie Stocker

Light We are the screen-dependent generation, from our computers at work to televisions at home and checking our phones before bed – we are never far from a backlit device, and they are terrible for our eyesight. The only way to mitigate against the risk of long-term damage is to ensure that you’re in a well lit environment. Having a desk lamp is not enough; your workspace needs to be lit from all angles to avoid squinting. Visual Stimulation Focussing on one thing for a prolonged amount of time is also harmful for your eyes. It is best to ensure […]

Do you hate asking clients for money?

If you have your own business, the chances are you do it to make a living. So why are so many business owners reticent to chase unpaid invoices,or even to send them in the first place? I was recently talking to a business colleague who asked me how often I send invoices and how soon I chase them.  My answer – I send them as soon as the job is done, and chase them the day they become overdue.  But it seems this is not what all business owners do.  My colleague told me that she felt awkward asking for money, […]

Researching your Virtual Assistant

One of the questions I was recently asked when I gave a presentation about being a Virtual Assistant, and how we help business owners, was how a business owner who doesn’t know me from Adam (or Eve) knows they can trust me. Whilst I met many of my clients at networking events numerous times before I began working with them, they had not worked with me before. So how do you know if you can trust your chosen Virtual Assistant – especially if they are not local to you and perhaps you have never met them?  The bottom line is […]

Top Tips on how to be a great coachee

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have experienced great coaching, you’ll know that the results can be staggering.  And even life-changing. But I want to let you know, there’s a few secrets to it being successful…. The coach plays (or should play) a very minimal part in the whole process.  It’s all about what YOU, the coachee, bring to the party.  Yes, the coach will ask you lots of questions and encourage you to open up about your ambitions, challenges and obstacles, but there’s so much about the whole experience that rides on what YOU bring. You. Right at the start of […]

How Your iPhone Has Affected These 5 Major Industries

By Vicky at Grow Marketing After reading Tim Bajarin’s article “How Apple’s iPhones Changed These 5 Major Industries” we appreciated how informative and relevant the information is and have taken our own key notes which may be of interest. Apple is one of the largest software companies and has in no doubt changed the way in which individuals go about both their personal and professional lives. The first Apple iPhone was introduced to the world in January 2007, and at this time Tim Bajarin recalls how Apple’s Vice-President of Marketing, Phil Schiller had presented this rectangular device, framed in silver […]

Why is the NFL struggling to break into the UK?

As the National Football League becomes increasingly irritated by its inability to attract European fans, plans are being finalised for the NFL to make a big arrival in Europe. The NFL has drafted in notorious marketing giant WPP and investment firm Bruin Sports Capital, to drastically increase the European viewership for the NFL on televisions and mobile devices. A new company will be formed that WPP and Bruin will head with the sole aim to sell Game Pass. This gives viewers live and on-demand access to all NFL games as well as full replays, condensed games, the RedZone channel and other football content. The new company will be based in London initially and focus […]

How is the advertising ‘Digital Dollar’ spent? – Global

We stumbled across a really interesting article from the Wall Street Journal that hopefully will come as no surprise to the digitally savvy marketeers out there. However for some businesses this might be a wake up call to their digital advertising spends. We at Grow Marketing talk about a serious approach to social media marketing & Google Adwords so this article should reinforce our message. The Race Is On to Challenge Google-Facebook ‘Duopoly’ in Digital Advertising Advertisers are hoping for emergence of legitimate third player to help keep prices in check By Lara O’Reilly / June 19, 2017 5:30 a.m. […]