Sound Advice From A Sound Guy

When was the last time you were at a seminar, exhibition or conference and you couldn’t hear properly or the sound was just awful? Wedding speeches are a classic example of this.  In such a scenario you may sit on the edge of your seat trying to hear but, will most likely succumb to the temptation to give up and stop listening to the person speaking.  Nobody wants to lose their audience. Getting the sound right for any event you are running is very important and will help your audience to stay engaged. As I’m sure you know that ‘PA’ […]

Business travel: How to overcome travel frustrations

TRAVELLER TIPS Mark Twain argued that travel broadens the mind.  However, if you’ve ever suffered last minute travel changes, airport delays, or the indignity of trying to get any kind of compensation from a less-than-satisfactory travel service, you might not agree.    We take a look at common travel frustrations and how to overcome them.     #1. Going through security Understandably, security has been increased on all kinds of travel and hotels in recent years, but airport check-in remains a number one bugbear for travellers.  There are few things you can do to mitigate the delay and inconvenience it […]

Business travel: Why it pays to upgrade

TRAVEL POLICY “First class”, “Business Class”, “Premium Room” might be what all your staff wants to hear when booking business travel, but there are some compelling reasons to approve that upgrade beyond “it would be nice”.   #1. Simple Maths In many cases, the benefits associated with an upgrade, if purchased separately, add up to more than the cost of the upgrade. Imagine how frustrated your staff feels when they fill in their expenses forms and add up all the money they’ve paid for snacks, meals, business lounges, Wi-Fi connections and other extras separately, and realise their claim tots up […]

Best Airports for Business Travellers

AIR TRAVEL Travel can be a tiresome business when the luggage trolleys require small change in the local currency or the lounges don’t have Wi-Fi.  Choosing a decent connecting airport can make all the difference to productivity and morale, especially if it is just a stop-off on a longer journey.  These three are setting new standards in airport hospitality.         Singapore Changi Airport GQ has called Singapore Changi the World’s best airport.  GQ isn’t the only one: Singapore Changi is also the best airport in the world according to aviation review and ratings company Skytrax.  In fact, Skytrax […]

The 8 Best Tech Hotels In The World

EIGHT BEST: TECH HOTELS 2017 has witnessed a surprising amount of new tech innovation in the hotel world.  The jury is out on whether there is a real guest benefit to the Yotel New York’s 15-foot robotic arm that functions as a concierge, the Botlr robotic butler at the Aloft Cupertino, or the automated luggage carts that show you to your room at the Henn-Na Hotel in Sasebo, Japan.  High-tech innovations don’t have to resemble these statement projects to enhance the guest experience.  In fact, we much prefer it when tech is used to augment service and offer luxury guest amenities […]

All in good time…

Business travel works best when all the elements of a trip come together seamlessly. We all know that this doesn’t happen 100% of the time, so read our top 12 tips to improve your odds… 1) Pack your carry-on in no time with a handy checklist so you don’t leave home without any essentials, such as devices, converters or worldwide power adaptors. It’ll save a trip to the airport shop to purchase what you’ve left behind. 2) Pack everything you need in hand luggage as waiting for checked luggage to appear on the carousel can take hours, quite literally, particularly […]

Is there anything more important than traveller wellbeing?

TRAVELLER WELLBEING We don’t think so here at Travel Counsellors.  We think the thing that really makes our business really special is a real, committed approach to customer care.  Coupled with our highly personalised customer service, we are fully committed to duty of care and dedicated to traveller wellbeing – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the globe. Legislation around corporate liability for duty of care negligence coupled with the growing global threat means that companies must have robust procedures in place to mitigate risk for travellers, and this is always high on the agenda at Travel […]

Game on!

Getting your travellers to do the right thing when booking travel can be challenging but smart tactics can help influence their behaviour Influencing traveller behaviour has loomed large on travel manager’s priorities over the last few years, since travellers’ choices have widened to include the sharing economy and the ability to purchase from consumer websites. While it’s good that travellers have greater choice, you still need to ensure that wherever they surf, that they make the booking within travel policy and using the suppliers you want them to. This can be challenging as dictating channels and choice can be demotivating […]

6 ways to boost staff engagement…

We all know that retaining staff who you’ve spent years training and investing in, is vital if you want to keep your recruitment costs down, as well as develop a business full of talented staff. However, a recent Forbes survey says that only 30% of staff on average are truly engaged, meaning that 70% are not.  Those who are not engaged are undoubtedly the most likely to flap their wings and take off to pastures new, leaving you to cover the workload, interview, induct, pay recruitment costs, induct, train…. Here’s my thoughts on how to make sure your staff feel […]

6 practical tips on how to use Evernote

Keep everything in one place with Evernote If you ever find that it’s hard to know where to store bits of useful information, here’s one suggestion: Evernote. I started using Evernote a few months back and absolutely love it, although it took me a short while to get the hang of it.  If you’ve had a look at it, and are not sure how you would use it, here’s 6 ways that I use it, which you might want to try. 1. Use the Google Chrome Evernote Extension I use several methods to save down information quickly, one of the most […]