Three Buckets of Courage

Courage involves behavior. Like all behaviors, courage can be developed, encouraged, and reinforced. While a lot of writers have focused on the realms in which courage is applied (for example: moral courage, military courage, and political courage), I think it is more useful to understand the common ways that people behave when being courageous, regardless of which realm they’re operating in. While the realms themselves may have sharp differences, the ways people behave when being courageous within those realms are surprisingly similar. In my work as a courage-building consultant, I have discovered that there are three ways of behaving when […]

CEO Stress, will you cope?

We all have experiences which help forge the sort of leaders we become. One of mine came early in my first CEO role as Director of an International charity. I left the public sector to take on this role which back in the 90’s was still a place of stable, if sometimes stagnant, job security. Within a few months of starting in my new role and after full exposure to the accounts, I had to go to the chair of the board and tell him, we were essentially a Champagne organisation on a beer income. We simply could not go […]

Handle pressure like a superstar!

Are you aware of how you handle pressure? We all handle pressure differently don’t we; some of us find a bit of pressure quite motivational, whilst others feel the weight of the world coming down on our shoulders. Here’s a few things which might help you spot the times when you need to handle pressure.  Plus a few tips on how you might handle it positively…. Self-awareness.  Know your triggers for pressure. What happens to you under pressure, both physically and mentally?  How does the feeling of being under pressure manifest itself?  For example, do you suffer interrupted sleep or go […]

Top 10 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

We’ve all got goals.  They may be huge life-changing goals or just mini-milestones.  But we create them to help us reach our ambitions and fulfil our potential.  Or to lose a few pounds (or stone!).  Or give up smoking, or drinking or other vices. How are you getting on with achieving those?  Struggling?  Oh dear, don’t get disheartened. I’m here to help.  I thought it would be a good idea to share some tried and tested techniques for keeping motivation levels up!! Set yourself rewards – each milestone you reach deserves a little prize.  You could make a monthly reward schedule, […]

Christy Rutherford… What Have You Sacrificed For Success? Was It Worth It?

Ahhhhh, the ever elusive term S-U-C-C-E-S-S. As I reflect on my previous career path and accomplishments, I also look at what advice would have been useful prior to entering the job market, and then again mid-career. Success has to be achieved and is not freely given to anyone. In the pursuit of success, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s sacrificed along the way. Not consistently reflecting and redefining the meaning of success, many people have tunnel vision in their pursuits. Regret comes when they finally stop…reflect….and then realize it’s too late to take corrective action. Success is a journey […]

6 ways to boost staff engagement…

We all know that retaining staff who you’ve spent years training and investing in, is vital if you want to keep your recruitment costs down, as well as develop a business full of talented staff. However, a recent Forbes survey says that only 30% of staff on average are truly engaged, meaning that 70% are not.  Those who are not engaged are undoubtedly the most likely to flap their wings and take off to pastures new, leaving you to cover the workload, interview, induct, pay recruitment costs, induct, train…. Here’s my thoughts on how to make sure your staff feel […]

The Performance Gap

Turning good ideas into action in this modern world is extremely difficult and often does not happen. How many times have you reflected on something and wished you had done what you had thought you might do at the time. How many times have you done nothing about an idea which then makes someone else rich and famous? But what is it that causes that performance gap between thought and action? The human race is naturally reserved and averse to change hence when it comes to new ideas we are often pessimistic; the media ensures we are constantly bombarded with […]


How many people are prepared to speak in front of large audiences? Not many and yet it is always an excellent opportunity to reach out  to people quickly and effectively. Public speaking is about connecting with every single person in your audience. It is about managing yourself and your stress in order to deliver the required message as competently as possible. But nobody’s perfect and perfect people often appear cold  to people with high emotional intelligence. So mistakes are fine as long as there are not too many of them and they are not repeated. To make mistakes is to […]