Brand: Create a Competitive Advantage

Grow Exeter McQueenie Mullholland

Our event is for anyone leading an ambitious organisation. We explain how your brand can give you a competitive advantage, whether you want to break into new markets, launch new products or simply consolidate the success you have already achieved. What we’ll discuss We’ll look at the three stages of the brand building process, and how each stage can create a competitive advantage for you. Brand Definition Bringing clarity to your business, is a great way to create an advantage. That could be clarity about your message, your target market, the values that drive your company… it will be different […]

Living from the Heart – Harry Wild

Interview by Tracey Duke, Photography by Nick Hook.   Harry Wild is a woman with a purpose. Passionate about food, sustainability and social development, she’s dynamic, gutsy and certainly not afraid to make a difference. A self-confessed foodie with a heart, the founder of Go Wild Communications, is a firm favourite when it comes to getting the message out there. With solid experience after working for the Eden Project, River Cottage and as PR Director for Michelin starred chef Paul Ainsworth, her impressive list of clients boast names such as Good Game and The Deer Park Hotel and through Raw PR […]

12 Marketing Planning Tips For Devon Based Businesses

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When it comes to your annual holiday you want to make sure it all goes smoothly, and why not, it’s the culmination of 12 months hard slog. A chance to put your feet up, relax and re-charge. Generally, you spend time working out where you want to go and when, how you’ll get there and what you’ll do when you arrive. It’s all about minimising the risk of anything going wrong and maximising the enjoyment you’ll get out of the adventure. But too many companies don’t put the same amount of time and effort into marketing planning to ensure their business […]

“…there’s a real story shaping…”- An interview with Daniel Frye

“…there’s a real story shaping and it’s about giving people a chance, giving businesses a chance.” – An interview with Daniel Frye By Stella Nicholls I recently caught up with Daniel Frye, CEO of Grow Marketing. We sat and chatted over a cup of coffee and a biscuit, in an office decorated with the attention to detail that is the product of a creative mind. Just as well, as creative minds are what it takes to run a marketing business that is in touch with the vibrant city of Exeter and surrounding areas. Daniel Frye and Llewellyn Nicholls started the […]

5 content marketing tips

It has been widely reported that if you want to grow your business you have to invest in content marketing. We’re told that companies of all sizes simply cannot afford to ignore it any longer. Customers and prospects expect it, they are hungry for your messages and they want to ‘engage’. The world is getting swamped with content marketing services from ‘Content Farms’ of freelance copywriters to ‘Rich Media Content’ from film producers to ‘Branded Content Providers’ such as contract publishers. Beyond the hype some of this is true. Done well across paid, earned and owned media, content marketing can […]

Marketing gymnastics

One of the distinct advantages of being a marketing advisor to a variety of firms, large and small, is that I have the privilege to experience first hand how these different companies run their marketing functions and to hear the challenges they face. I also listen carefully to their hopes and fears for the future. A recurring theme has to be what I call ‘marketing gymnastics’. Successful marketing teams, and those aspiring to marketing excellence, in firms of all sizes that demonstrate the mind-set and attitude of a lean start-up, that is to say they are uniquely optimistic, positively charged […]

Finding your marketing miracle worker

Hiring a marketing employee can be one of the hardest positions to fill. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader looking to make your first hire one that will drive growth or a growing business looking to expand this core business function, you may find this type of position — above and beyond many others — to be challenging. A lot of other roles are comparably straightforward to define. For example, your accountant must be professionally qualified, detail oriented and great with numbers, whilst an administrative person or receptionist might need to excel at managing incoming customer contact by […]

Top Tips to convert your Social Media followers into paying customers

It used to be that if you want to sell a product or service, you simply needed to carry out high volumes of prospecting, have a fairly decent conversion rate and the rest was down to your charm and powers of persuasion.  Oh no… not any more…. There’s so much more to consider now, and I’m sorry to say that there’s no silver bullet. I’ve spent some time recently with some businesses talking about how to convert online engagement on social media channels into real life sales. Most people know how to grow their Followers on Twitter or encourage Likes of their […]

First Week at Grow Marketing

A memorable day in the UK as we head to the polling stations for the general elections, also marks a memorable week for Grow Marketing as we celebrate our ‘first week anniversary’ with the acquisition of five new clients. We are delighted to have them on board and look forward to helping them grow their businesses using our marketing prowess. We have had amazing support from the business community, the people we have reached through social media has grown from 0 to 67,020 in just a few days. The general feeling is that we are being chosen for our passion […]