India Meets……Rebecca Hooker

Written by India Nye, Photography by Olly Woodburn I’ve always loved the arts; drama has always been a big passion of mine, so this month I jumped at the chance to meet an Exeter based dance teacher who is harnessing the positive power of social media to create awareness of her own lifestyle and anti-bullying brand  #COMMITTED Clothing Company. Rebecca Hooker, the woman behind #COMMITTED, is both passionate and driven; she’s determined to play her part in encouraging others to work hard, follow their individual passions and interests and stamp out bullying for good. I met with the founder of the […]

A Platform For Growth… BalconyTV Exeter

Written by Tracey Duke, Photography by Pip Andersen Take an early morning stroll along Exeter’s quayside and, if you’re lucky, you may just stumble upon one of Exeter’s most successful digital ventures. Samuel Jones, is one of 70 locations around the globe, and one of just two in the UK, to host the Sony music owned BalconyTV sessions. The New York based company, lists Exeter in their top three global locations. We caught up with the husband and wife team of Matt & Kate Calder, who, with support from Visit Exeter, are helping to keep the city’s music scene, well and […]

India Meets….. The Deep South FreeRunning Team

Grow Exeter Deep South Free Running

Written By India Nye, Photography by Tom Taylor We all want to turn our deeply loved hobbies into a business opportunity, to feel as if we aren’t working at all. That’s exactly what the team Captain of Deep South, Exeter’s own free-running group, is trying to do. I met up with Tom Taylor and his teammate Ed Scott, in Artigiano, to talk all things free-running; a sport I had very limited knowledge of.  One of the things I was curious about, was the point at which Tom realised that his hobby could be so much more. “I think it’s mainly due […]

Kirsty Barker – My Morning Routine

Kirsty Barker is an Exeter based Landscape Architect.  She also happens to be part of a three woman team in training for the biggest challenge of their lives later this year; a 3000 mile row across the Atlantic Ocean!  It’s a 90 day challenge that would bring the strongest of us to our knees! We caught up with Kirsty earlier this month to find out how she gets her day in gear…. How does your morning get going? Before I begin, I should probably mention that I am rowing the Atlantic next December, so now as well as working 9-5 […]

The Bear Trail….. Dare to Bear!

Written by Tracey Duke, Photography by Pip Andersen In a world focused on image, the latest technology and meeting deadlines, there’s something incredibly liberating about the idea of getting outdoors, letting loose, getting really muddy and having a whole load of fun in the process….. The Bear Trail, a muddy adventure trail, located just 20 mins outside of the city, is not only the best new party destination for kids in the know, it’s also attracting many of the region’s corporate high flyers who are closing laptops, diverting calls and heading out for some good old-fashioned, down and dirty, team building.  […]

Team Spirit….. with Salcombe Gin’s Howard Davies

Written by Tracey Duke, Photography by Olly Woodburn  Deep in the heart of the small harbour town of Salcombe, on the south coast of Devon, lies a business that, in just a few short years, has secured itself a status as one of the UK’s leading gin distilleries.  A brand steeped in history and tradition, Salcombe Gin, oozing with sophistication and style, is so much more than a drink; it’s an immersive experience attracting customers from across the globe to its beautiful home on the edge of the stunning Salcombe Estuary.  We caught up with co-founder Howard Davies, earlier this month, […]

Hunter and the Bear – Exclusive Interview

Written by Tracey Duke I’ll be honest catching up with Hunter and the Bear, was more than a little self-indulgent. Not only do they rock out some of the best tunes I’ve heard but they also happen to be, despite their rock star image, four of the most humble, fun and down to earth guys I know.  A favourite of music critics, across the globe, I caught up with Jimmy, Will, Chris and Gareth in Kensington High Street’s Hand & Flower to talk music tech, breaking free and social media.  So guys, first of all, thank you so much for taking […]

The future is now…. David Kilkelly

Written by Tracey Duke, Photography by BlinkBack Films   In the words of the great Ferris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it”.  Whilst life has certainly moved on from the game changing days of Top Gun & Ferris Bueller, the sentiment is as true today as it was then.  Technology is certainly no exception to this and especially so within the film industry where mediocre, amateur productions, simply won’t cut it with an audience and consumer base demanding increasingly, sophisticated, cinema-quality footage. Devon-based BlinkBack films are a production […]

My Morning Routine with Cath Hill

Cath Hill is, undeniably, a driving force for the good in Exeter.  Beautiful, charismatic and passionate about her home city, Cath was the woman at the heart of Exeter’s RWC2015 award winning Host City Legacy. Two years on from the city’s most successful sporting event, she now stands as Marketing, Tourism & Sports Manager for Exeter City Council, as an Ambassador for RWC2015 legacy BEEP. We caught up with the woman at the heart of the campaign; Visit Exeter, to talk morning routines….  What is your morning routine?  I tend to wake up at 6 am. My routine always involves […]

India Meets ….. Singer/Songwriter Joe Brooks

Written by India Nye, Photography by Olly Woodburn Grow is about expanding; about learning and facing new challenges. As a young writer finding my way in the world of publishing, I’m certainly not exempt from that. So, when I found myself faced with an exciting new challenge myself, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.   My first two assignments have focused on young people starting their own businesses; young entrepreneurs taking on the world. I was interviewing people, around my age, who were just as nervous as I was. But, this time around, I was to interview a guy who had a […]