The Extra Mile – Mark Godfrey – Top Tips for Turning a Business Around

  Written by Tracey Duke, Photography by Pip Andersen Deep in the heart of Devonshire countryside, just 20 mins from Exeter, lies the hidden gem that is The Deer Park Country House. If you haven’t visited recently, then you’ve missed a treat of a transformation. The original house, dating back to 1755, was built to entertain and impress and boy does it do that now! With over a million pounds recently invested, this stunning building now plays host to some of the most impressive, beautiful weddings and events; over delivering in every possible way. But it wasn’t always this way. Just a few short […]

7 hidden forces that determine business success, from the man at Exeter’s helm; Karime Hassan.

Karime Hassan is the CEO of Exeter City Council.  His values driven, people focused, leadership style has elevated Exeter to its position as one of the most respected, growth focused, cities in the UK.  We sent our editor along to meet him and to delve deep into the mindset of one of Exeter’s true visionaries.   1. On having a clear vision When it comes to the public/private sector relationship, we need to be working with businesses and asking the fundamental question; “How can we help you”? “What are the barriers to your success and how can we help you […]

6 Traits of an Extraordinary Leader

You are a leader and the world is awaiting your instructions. This is true whether you manage a team in a company, lead a classroom, or run a household. It’s also true even if you have no official leadership position at all. You don’t need to be in the top box of an organizational chart or president of the PTA to be a leader. Regardless of your current role or position, you are always leading the people around you. You lead long before you have a title that spells it out. So today, recognize your leadership and take responsibility for the influence you have […]

All in good time…

Business travel works best when all the elements of a trip come together seamlessly. We all know that this doesn’t happen 100% of the time, so read our top 12 tips to improve your odds… 1) Pack your carry-on in no time with a handy checklist so you don’t leave home without any essentials, such as devices, converters or worldwide power adaptors. It’ll save a trip to the airport shop to purchase what you’ve left behind. 2) Pack everything you need in hand luggage as waiting for checked luggage to appear on the carousel can take hours, quite literally, particularly […]

Is there anything more important than traveller wellbeing?

TRAVELLER WELLBEING We don’t think so here at Travel Counsellors.  We think the thing that really makes our business really special is a real, committed approach to customer care.  Coupled with our highly personalised customer service, we are fully committed to duty of care and dedicated to traveller wellbeing – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the globe. Legislation around corporate liability for duty of care negligence coupled with the growing global threat means that companies must have robust procedures in place to mitigate risk for travellers, and this is always high on the agenda at Travel […]

Game on!

Getting your travellers to do the right thing when booking travel can be challenging but smart tactics can help influence their behaviour Influencing traveller behaviour has loomed large on travel manager’s priorities over the last few years, since travellers’ choices have widened to include the sharing economy and the ability to purchase from consumer websites. While it’s good that travellers have greater choice, you still need to ensure that wherever they surf, that they make the booking within travel policy and using the suppliers you want them to. This can be challenging as dictating channels and choice can be demotivating […]


As a leadership development company one of the most difficult aspects of our work is measuring the return on investment from any form of leadership development. There is no doubt that leadership drives success in an organisation and therefore has a direct influence on the bottom line profit of any organisation but the relationship between leadership and profit is indirect and tenuous therefore difficult to correlate and hence measure. Anyone can tell fairly quickly if a company is well lead or badly led by the way it functions. Good leadership is after all the difference between being an ordinary or […]

How To Radically Improve Your Team Experience – 10 Practical Tips by Marcela Sapone

Be one team. 10 practical tips on building a cohesive culture and a better work experience for everyone.Preview As of late, there has been much discussion about the on-demand workforce and worker classifications. In the past few months alone, I have travelled to countless DC roundtables and spoken to a variety of reporters covering labor issues and technology. While I’m encouraged by the recent interest on the future of work and employee relations policy, I know it’s also important to recognize how those discussions manifest themselves in the lives of real people and businesses. My business, Hello Alfred, is pioneering a new workforce classification […]

Researching your Virtual Assistant

One of the questions I was recently asked when I gave a presentation about being a Virtual Assistant, and how we help business owners, was how a business owner who doesn’t know me from Adam (or Eve) knows they can trust me. Whilst I met many of my clients at networking events numerous times before I began working with them, they had not worked with me before. So how do you know if you can trust your chosen Virtual Assistant – especially if they are not local to you and perhaps you have never met them?  The bottom line is […]

Could you coach an astronaut?

Coaching is a very rewarding activity. Whether it’s life coaching on weight loss or finding love, or executive coaching to secure the next C-level seat in the boardroom, inspiring and helping other people achieve their ambitions is very rewarding.  I’m sure most would agree. But how good at it would you have to be to coach an astronaut? A small minority can boast travelling in to outer space, so how many coaches could partner an astronaut, helping them to truly overcome their challenges?  All the issues with learning how to breathe, coping with zero gravity, take-off procedure, decompression…. it’d be […]