Why the Eskimos don’t want your ice… continued

Written by Owen Richards, MD & Founder of Air Marketing Group Why the Eskimos don’t want your ice… continued When running a business there is a delicate balance between understanding the need to be successful and make money, whilst not taking advantage of your valued customer base. So, selling your services or product for a fair price which represents the quality or perceived value will set you in a good position with your customers. But how does it feel when you are given an initial price which you feel is too high and upon negotiation, you are given a ‘discount’ […]

A Man With A Vision… Owen Richards

Written by Tracey Duke, Photography by Pip Andersen Owen Richards is a man with a vision. Dynamic and driven, his game-changing, can do attitude has, in the last three months alone, secured his Exeter based company; Air Marketing, contracts worth over a million pounds in additional revenue for 2018.  I caught up with the man behind one of the city’s fastest growing marketing companies to talk mentoring and finding ways to make it happen.  Owen, it’s great to meet with you this morning. As usual, we’ll jump straight in. I know that the whole idea and ethos of coaching and mentoring […]

Why The Eskimos Don’t Want Your Ice – Owen Richards

Part 1. Real life sales stories from the MD of Exeter’s leading Business Development agency Each month, I’ll share some of my experiences, opinions and ideas on what bad sales people do so you can be sure to avoid these mistakes. This month we’re starting with the dreaded phrase: “How are you today?” “Hi. It’s Sam calling from ABC, how are you today?” are words that have never inspired me to engage in a conversation with sales person. This phrase reeks of insincerity and I’m bored of being asked this when, to be frank, the answer doesn’t really matter at all. […]

A Breath Of Fresh Air For The Telemarketing Industry

Air Marketing Group has been running in central Exeter for little over 16 months now. At Brittany House you’ll find Managing Director, Owen Richards, and his tight-knit team working on outbound business development campaigns for clients all over the world.  Not bad going, considering they opened their doors on the 7th of March 2016. The company provide B2B lead generation, telemarketing and outbound business development services to businesses of all sizes, across a myriad of sectors.  Owen was originally a large part of building Air’s partner company, Forrest Marketing Group (FMG), in Australia. He then decided with the help of […]