GROW EXETER – A word from our editor.

GROW is a celebration of all that is great about Exeter.  It’s about the success stories, the entrepreneurs, the international conferences, the world class sport and, it’s about the people at the heart of our business culture; the ones who make it happen.

It’s an inspirational, high end, complimentary magazine that blurs the lines between business, lifestyle and wellness and which supports the drive to put Exeter on the global map, as one of the best cities, in the world, in which to work.

Its purpose is to help create future leaders, entrepreneurs and risk takers who are ready to drive our city towards global recognition, in line with the vision of Exeter City Council leader; Karime Hassan.

Inform. Inspire. Connect. Create Growth. Add Value.

I’m 100% with author and TED speaker Simon Sinek when he says ‘people don’t really care what you do, they care why you do it”.  They care about your beliefs, your integrity & your values.

A great company culture isn’t just about perks, a sexy office and an awesome logo. It’s about the psyche; the conscience of the company itself.  

My purpose, as editor, is to invite the very best of our business community, both locally and on a global scale, to add their voice to the city’s success whilst communicating individual stories across with honesty, passion and with deep rooted human connection.

“Humans are designed to want to care; its the one thing, however strong our other traits may be, that we cannot get away from.  Give them a story they can care about; a story they can relate to, that will leave them with a better understanding of who they themselves are and you’ll guarantee their attention”



Tracey Duke.  Editor in Chief – Grow Exeter




Our Team


Daniel Frye
Chief Executive Officer
Dan was previously Head of Digital at Trinity Mirror SW Plc, overseeing a multi-million pound portfolio of digital marketing products as well as the commercial side of the Trinity Mirror Read More
Llew Nicholls
Chief Commerial Officer
Llew was previously Head of Marketing & Business Development for Rokk Media in Exeter, helping businesses grow their online presence with great website design. Before working at Rokk Media Llew Read More
Tracey Duke
Tracey is a published children’s author, writer, mentor and co-founder of the award winning Mini’s Academy; a RWC2015 legacy running in schools across Devon and Somerset. A finalist in this Read More
Georgina Peters
Creative Director
George is our Creative Director, bringing flare and creativity to our business with years of experience freelancing as a graphic designer and running her own business as Managing Director of ‘Ooh Read More
Michael Frye
Chief Financial Officer
Mike has spent a career as a Senior Management Accountant working within the Environment Agency for 21 year specialising in European Funding projects. Previous to that Mike was the Financial Read More
Matt Jenkins
Managing Director -
Matt is a respectful, positive, fun-loving professional who thrives in an energetic atmosphere and has a proven track record in Sales and Business Development within Publishing and Consumer Goods industries. Read More
Stella Nicholls
Deputy Editor
Stella is the newly appointed Deputy Editor for Grow Exeter Magazine. Stella is a published author, her writing features in her novels and also in local newspapers.  Stella worked for Read More
Joff Alexander-Frye
Growth Director
Joff recently joined us as our Growth Director at Grow Exeter. This role fuses his strong creative streak with over 12 years of commercial, marketing and management experience He has Read More