The Adventures of Alan ‘Troubleshooting’ – Part.2

Written by Alan Hancock Troubleshooting: How to solve most computer problems yourself. 1. Click. Click repeatedly and in varied patterns. If that doesn’t work, stop and try clicking harder a few times, click as hard as you can on the mouse button, leaning into the screen as if simply willing it to happen will make it so. If attempting to be Matilda fails, try a couple more clicks before turning around and gesturing at the screen like a child appealing to their mother for sibling justice. Try saying “I’m clicking the thing there but it’s just not working” with incredulous […]

The Adventures of Alan ‘Classic Commuter’ – Part.1

Written by Alan Hancock, Photography by Lucy Davies Picture the scene. I’m running. I’ve got seven minutes before the train departs. It’s going to go down to the wire. “I’ll just reply to these e-mails and then I’ll be off” is a phrase my brain parrots to me mockingly. I’m seriously at risk of missing Friday night fajitas. I’m striding out a respectable speed. As I approach the station I clock another besuited commuter clad in North face puffer jacket, a nice weather resistant rucksack, Cuban heels rapidly clip clopping and an aerodynamic baldness that makes me want to shave […]