Happiness. The New Productivity?

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Written by Jess Dunbar It’s a New Year – and isn’t the pursuit of happiness everyone’s ultimate resolution?   In fact, happiness seems to have been firmly on the nation’s agenda for some time.  Scandinavian ways of life have been hugely influential in Britain since last year’s obsession with “hygge” (a wellness trend based on living cosily), which was swiftly followed up with a succession of other ideologies.  And who are we to argue?  Fika; the habit of stopping for coffee with cake, or Lagom; the Swedish secret to contentment, all just sound too good to pass up. But what […]

East Devon dairy farmer speaks out to raise awareness of farm fire safety

Fourth generation farmer retells his farm fire experience £4.6m worth of farm fire insurance claims made in the south west in 2016 Electrical faults most common cause of farm fires followed by arson One April evening last year, fourth generation East Devon dairy farmer Henry Gent went to bed as normal, only to be woken by one of his farm hands at 5am informing him that his dairy parlour was on fire. An electrical fault had caused the blaze which destroyed the electrics leading into the milking parlour at Mosshayne Farm, West Clyst, near Exeter, meaning Henry was faced with […]

The Importance of the Individual – IT Champion

Written By Matt Phillips, Managing Director – IT Champion When I think about the theme for the November Grow Exeter magazine, wellness in the workplace, I think about what we try to do to help our team handle the pressures of working in a business which effectively handles other people’s IT problems. Furthermore how we, as an IT Partner for many local businesses, can directly influence how IT challenges impact the people we support. Perhaps the hardest thing for me when we started IT Champion was getting used to people ringing us with problems –  not because of something we’ve […]

Discover the fourth biggest supermarket in the world’s secret to success

The evolution of retail, and the fourth biggest supermarket in the world’s secret to success, will be discussed by two of Lidl UK’s bosses as part of The STEMM Cell presentations being held at Exeter Science Park this autumn.  Luca Ficetola, Lidl UK’s Operations Projects Consultant and Timothy Nyahasha, Head of Administration and Human Resources for the South West of England, will be hosting the talk on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017.  Ever wondered how an exponential rise in online shopping in recent years has affected the retail landscape? Or how technological advances in social media have impacted retailers? And is […]

An Interview with Pip Andersen: Titled ‘Stay Humble’

Tracey Duke Interviews Pip Andersen At just 26 and with a film & free running career already in the bag, Pip Andersen is back home, in the South West, after a year long stint in L.A. Set to become one of the region’s most sought after photographers, we talk integrity, rejection and the future, with a man who literally stared death in the face, for a living. Make no mistake, despite film credits on Star Wars and a reputation as one of the most fearless free runners, in the industry, Pip Andersen has his feet firmly on the ground. When […]

Nicky Dunn: The Woman behind the Business….

Nicky Dunn, the woman at the heart of Pi Society & Exeter’s most sought after match maker, reflects on a journey that’s allowed her to both elegantly & sensitively, align her business with her ultimate passion for connecting. When we meet, despite her hectic schedule, Nicky radiates calm, confidence and a deep rooted sense of clarity.  We talk flirting, work/life balance and making things happen…. So Nicky, it seems that pretty much every singleton, over the age of 35, in Exeter, is talking about Pi.  The business has hit the ground running & the PR crews are all over it. […]

One Year On: The Royal Clarence

Hotel Owner’s Media statement: The Royal Clarence, Exeter  (25 October 2017) Reflecting on a year since the fire which tragically destroyed The Royal Clarence Hotel, John Badley, Regional General Manager and in charge of the hotel on the night, has been reflecting on his memories of the events of 28 October 2016. John comments, “It’s hard to believe the fire was a year ago.  In some ways, the memories for both myself, and the city, seem so recent, so it’s hard to believe it’s been a year already.  Work until now has been mostly to make the site safe and […]

The Power of ‘Why’ – Exclusive Grow Exeter Interview with James Caan

James Caan is, arguably, the most experienced businessman in the UK today.  From his humble beginnings in London’s East End, he has built a reputation as a man of integrity, of honesty and of heart.  A founder and chairman of government initiative Start Up Loans, James has helped entrepreneurs to start over 28,000 businesses; some of whom have gone on to create substantial personal wealth. We caught up with the people’s Dragon, at his home in Monaco, to talk disruption, attracting talent and the importance of investing in yourself.   Written by Tracey Duke Let’s start off James, with a […]

‘The Book Shelf’ – October Grow Exeter

Compiled by Stella Nicholls – Deputy Editor I’ve always thought that you can tell a lot about a person from their choice of book. Whether this is true, or just my wild imagination, it’s always interesting to find out what other people like to read and what they find value in.  Does it give us a small insight into what makes them tick? Each month, we’ll bring you a selection of book recommendations from those we’ve featured and interviewed; titles that have inspired, provoked thought and, in some cases, changed paths. So jump onto our website, pour yourself a coffee […]

Michael Wignall & Gidleigh Park awarded two Michelin stars

(Monday 2 October 2017)  Andrew Brownsword Hotels is celebrating following the announcement that Michael Wignall and Gidleigh Park have retained their two Michelin stars, following the release of the Michelin Guide 2018. Awarded to Michael in person at a star studded ceremony at The Brewery in London today, Monday 2 October, Gidleigh Park is one of just 20 restaurants across the UK to hold two Michelin stars in the new guide and the only one in Devon. Michael Wignall commented, “Retaining these stars is a huge honour and a well deserved reward for the team who work so hard every […]