Hi all, my name is Alona Kemmett and I am the Managing Director of Aquamarine Media. Aquamarine was my brainchild that had humble beginnings from a beach hut in Teignmouth in 2015. Today we are Bing Accredited, Google Partners, and have grown to a team of five who offer PPC, social media management and copywriting services. PPC is my forte. I’ve been involved in the digital marketing practice since it began 13 years ago and was employee number three at Yahoo! Europe. My team and I have built a strong reputa- tion in greatly improving the revenue and ROI of […]

The Power of Play

Written by Tracey Duke, Photography by Mike Alsford In a world where deadlines, bottomline figures and the constant pressure to perform is King, how  do we find time to address the importance of mental health in the work place? We caught up with Lego’s Senior Global Social Media Manager; James Poulter, during his recent visit to Exeter, to talk creativity, mindfulness and the power of play. Thanks so much for taking some time out of your day.  I know you have just a short time before heading back to London, so let’s jump straight in and talk playfulness in the […]

Interview with Roastworks Coffee – Building A Brand

Photographs by PIP ANDERSEN At 33, Will Little; down to earth and humble as you like, heads up a Devon based coffee company that exports to ten countries across the globe. Despite their success, it’s not about the money he tells editor Tracey Duke. On a beautiful summer’s evening, Will Little and I meet for coffee and a beer in Exeter’s oh so hipster; Hotel Du Vin.  With his jeans, trainers, floppy hair, beautiful English accent and deep rooted core values, he’s about as far from the corporate image as you can get. So tell me about you Will. How […]

Dazed and Infused: Meet Powderkeg’s Newest Beer!

Devon’s freshest and most exciting brewery is releasing a particularly special this Autumn. “6ixes & 7evens” is a West Coast Amber Ale, or at least that’s the closest recognisable description they can offer for this uniquely different beer. The name refers to the precise muddle of six malts and seven hops that go into building the complex layers of flavour in what is a big and bold beer. It also reflects Powderkeg’s typically playful plan to brew something that is in no way sensible, only loosely categorisable and designed to leave the drinker somewhat discombobulated. The six malts used, including […]

Design’s a Walk in the Park for The Gro Company

It comes with great excitement that The Gro Company, the UK’s leading baby sleep brand, announces the arrival of Amy Walker as Design Manager. Amy’s appointment will see her create fluid collections with a unique and recognisable handwriting for the Gro brand that families have become to know and love over the past 17 years. Amy brings with her over 10 years’ experience and joins the team from Lazy Jacks, a successful lifestyle brand in Devon, where she was the Senior Designer. Before that Amy worked for hugely influential brands including Reebok and Weird Fish. Amy’s experience lies in creating […]


A NEW INITIATIVE FOR ANYONE INVOLVED IN MARKETING IN THE SOUTH WEST HAS BEEN SET UP BY TWO LOCAL MARKETERS: SIMON BESLEY FROM DEVON-BASED INNOVATIVE PRINT COMPANY NEWTON PRINT AND LIZZIE HARDY FROM LEADING SOUTH WEST PROBIOTIC MANUFACTURER ‘PROTEXIN’. “We love talking about marketing” says Simon, “and have spent many a happy phone call and meeting chatting about ideas to help boost our own brands and businesses. We then thought it would be nice to have a bigger local network of people to be able to bounce off. “After searching through all the networking opportunities available in the South West […]

Protection and Exploitation of a name using Trademark Law: Jose Mourinho

A trademark is reportedly holding up the appointment of Jose Mourinho at Manchester United. In an unusual situation, the media have suggested the deal is being delayed because Chelsea Football Club own, amongst others, the European Trademark to the name ‘Jose Mourinho’ in five classes of goods, which runs until 2025. Of course, Jose still has the right to use his own name but Chelsea own the rights to using his name or image on certain items; effectively merchandising rights which Chelsea retain and presumably continue to profit from. So, if the reports are true, what’s the issue? Trademark registration […]

5 content marketing tips

It has been widely reported that if you want to grow your business you have to invest in content marketing. We’re told that companies of all sizes simply cannot afford to ignore it any longer. Customers and prospects expect it, they are hungry for your messages and they want to ‘engage’. The world is getting swamped with content marketing services from ‘Content Farms’ of freelance copywriters to ‘Rich Media Content’ from film producers to ‘Branded Content Providers’ such as contract publishers. Beyond the hype some of this is true. Done well across paid, earned and owned media, content marketing can […]

Marketing gymnastics

One of the distinct advantages of being a marketing advisor to a variety of firms, large and small, is that I have the privilege to experience first hand how these different companies run their marketing functions and to hear the challenges they face. I also listen carefully to their hopes and fears for the future. A recurring theme has to be what I call ‘marketing gymnastics’. Successful marketing teams, and those aspiring to marketing excellence, in firms of all sizes that demonstrate the mind-set and attitude of a lean start-up, that is to say they are uniquely optimistic, positively charged […]