The Power of Starting the Right Business, For the Right Reasons

Written by Phil Sampson Why does anyone want to start a business? Is it for financial gain? Is it a lifestyle choice? Or is it just because someone has a talent, or idea, that they consider valuable to others? We ask leadership expert Phil Sampson for his thoughts. It’s not often that an entrepreneur takes the proper amount of time to explore the reason for starting a business. They often do not take their choice and reasons seriously enough and that is why so many start-ups fail.  I often say people plan their holiday more seriously than their businesses in […]

Strong and stable leadership Mrs May?

Lessons on Leadership From the Election:  Not having a closed shop? Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill were Theresa May’s key advisers in her flawed election campaign where she succeeded in scraping a hung parliament from the jaws of a vastly increased majority.  There are some important lessons in leadership that we can all learn from the Conservative campaign and I intend to write a blog everyday this week on those lessons. During April of this year, Theresa May, most would say came over as a very credible leader, it was reported on the 11th April that she had a 37 […]

Leading A Charity

Having worked with several charities I have found that the leadership, team cohesion and motivation and the leadership challenges are very different from those we have experienced when working within the corporate sector. Charities are businesses in their own rights but they work under a different and more challenging set of rules and circumstances. Where a leader in the corporate sector just has the conundrum of balancing stakeholder profit with customer value and societal/brand expectation. A leader in a charity has to balance trustee requirements, fundraising requirements, employees and volunteers, societal expectations and the end user service/value. Let’s start by looking at […]

Leaders Behaving Badly

What do Lord Rennard, former Barclays boss Bob Diamond and General Petraeus, former head of the CIA all have in common? Answer – they all left their positions as a result of inappropriate behaviour. All three were extremely clever and competent, able leaders, yet they all misbehaved in a way that cost them or at least contributed to their losing their leadership position. It is interesting that moral courage, self discipline and trust are becoming more and more important in life as societal values change.  The common denominator in the News of the World phone hacking, the BBC and Jimmy […]


We have entered the age of empowered individuals. Leaders use potent new technologies and harness social media to organize themselves and focus interest on their agendas and activities. Most are ordinary people with access to new information tools that can virally create large global audiences for their messages. The more traditional hierarchical institutions of modern developed societies, whether they are governments or companies, are not prepared or ready for this new social power or leadership as the riots in London and the recent occupy campaigns in cities around the World exemplify. This power has resulted in the emergence of a new […]

10 Success Principles of Iconic Leaders: Napoleon Hill

In the early 1900’s, Napoleon Hill studied 500 of the most successful and wealthy people of that era, including Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, William Wrigley Jr., Charles M. Schwab, Theodore Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Thomas Edison and many more. He was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to interview and associate with them in order to extrapolate the characteristics, traits and actions of successful people. After 20 years, Napoleon Hill was successful in doing so, publishing a number of books, magazines and articles. He earned several million dollars acting on the information gathered. Napoleon Hill’s legacy lives on through […]

Sales Leadership | Everything you need to know about Sales KPIs

If you’re in Sales Leadership, you’ve probably heard the saying “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” It’s very true.  You can’t manage what you can’t see.  As a leader who’s expected to deliver results, sales managers  and business owners need to make sure they carefully select some meaningful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). But before too long, you find you have 50 things to manage, some of which your CRM can’t produce reports on any more.  And how many of them were once requested by the Finance Director who now doesn’t need to know anymore?  Not to mention your sales […]

Manager to Leader – How to Make the Change

Have you been a manager for a while now?  Or just recently promoted?  Either way, it’s such a rewarding job to support a team by taking the reigns and being personally responsible for the actions and outcomes of everybody in the team. The early days of management I don’t know about you, but when I first moved from being a field sales rep to being the manager of the team, I made every mistake in the book.  Literally, every single one, I’m sure of it.  I tried to do everything myself.  I tried to think for people. My vision of […]


A key skill for today’s leader is knowing what to remember and what to forget. Sometimes it is good to forget sometimes it is essential to remember this article assesses the importance of forgetting to leadership Modern Leaders must be able to make clear decisions drawn from myriad bits of information; their decisions need to reflect a big picture understanding. With information becoming so abundant in this modern age, it is very easy to become overloaded and therefore not to comprehend the big picture. Total recall has often been associated with a high level of intelligence and hence achievement but […]

Leadership Can Be Learned

I am frequently asked and often challenged by being asked “Can leadership really be learned?” In response to my reply that it can be learned I am usually then asked “What about natural leaders then?” In reply I usually ask “What about natural sportsmen and sportswomen?” Given we state quite clearly our definition of leadership is “the ability to influence and motivate others to perform successfully and achieve” then we are considering leadership as an ability which, in turn, implies understanding, knowledge and skill are required to be able to exercise the ability to full effect. Even the most talented and skilled sports people, speakers, […]