swcomms installs new audio-visual solutions for Sandy Park

Grow Exeter Sandy Park

South West Communications Group has helped Sandy Park become one of the most technologically advanced conferencing facilities in the region following significant investment in new audio-visual equipment. The award-winning Sandy Park in Exeter has invested more than £60,000 to upgrade its facilities. swcomms installed 15 new plasma screens throughout the venue, including a 75” screen and a high definition camera for video conferencing use in its largest conference room, the Exeter Suite. Event attendees, speakers and organisers can now wirelessly connect their devices to these screens to easily display presentations and videos in high definition. swcomms has also installed video […]

The Adventures of Alan ‘Troubleshooting’ – Part.2

Written by Alan Hancock Troubleshooting: How to solve most computer problems yourself. 1. Click. Click repeatedly and in varied patterns. If that doesn’t work, stop and try clicking harder a few times, click as hard as you can on the mouse button, leaning into the screen as if simply willing it to happen will make it so. If attempting to be Matilda fails, try a couple more clicks before turning around and gesturing at the screen like a child appealing to their mother for sibling justice. Try saying “I’m clicking the thing there but it’s just not working” with incredulous […]

The Importance of the Individual – IT Champion

Written By Matt Phillips, Managing Director – IT Champion When I think about the theme for the November Grow Exeter magazine, wellness in the workplace, I think about what we try to do to help our team handle the pressures of working in a business which effectively handles other people’s IT problems. Furthermore how we, as an IT Partner for many local businesses, can directly influence how IT challenges impact the people we support. Perhaps the hardest thing for me when we started IT Champion was getting used to people ringing us with problems –  not because of something we’ve […]

Don’t Have a Plan ‘B’

When the Grow team first discussed the very first edition of their Grow Exeter Magazine being about startup to scale up businesses, I immediately though of some of the companies we work with and the unique and frankly thoroughly impressive journeys they and their teams have been through. First, I should wish Dan, Llew and the Grow team the very best of luck in the launch of this publication and it’s only through their startup that Exeter now has its only dedicated business magazine and something we were keen to be involved in from the outset. It’s been tough choosing […]

Can your business cope with a disaster?

Exeter has recently been hit with some high profile disasters that affected the businesses involved and stopped them trading. How would your business cope in this scenario?  What happens if you come into the office and find the server room flooded or worse? A business continuity and disaster recovery plan covers all possible eventualities from data loss, prolonged power failures or internet outages and acts as a road map for the business to ensure they have the right IT support and solutions in place should the worst happen. If it does, there’s a ready-made plan to follow. IT Champion specialises […]

Microsoft Teams rolls out to Office 365 customers worldwide

Today, during a global webcast from Microsoft headquarters, we announced that Microsoft Teams—the chat-based workspace in Office 365—is now generally available in 181 markets and in 19 languages. Since announcing the preview in November, more than 50,000 organizations have started using Microsoft Teams, including Accenture, Alaska Airlines, Cerner Corporation, ConocoPhillips, Deloitte, Expedia, J.B. Hunt, J. Walter Thompson, Hendrick Motorsports, Sage, Trek Bicycle and Three UK. We’ve also introduced more than 100 new features to deliver ongoing innovation and address top customer requests. With more than 85 million active users, Office 365 empowers individuals, teams and entire organizations with the broadest […]

Helping communities bridge the digital divide with Office 365

Saeed Jabbar has spent the last two years building Inclusion, a non-profit determined to close the digital divide in his community of Queens, New York. By providing equal access to technology and job training, Jabbar is opening the information economy to those who are often overlooked. “Forty-seven percent of the workforce is [facing] some kind of automation in the next 25 years,” Jabbar says. “A lot of people are going to lose jobs, and we need to do something immediately to resolve that issue. Giving people coding skills is one of the first steps on that path, so they can […]