How Green Does Your Garden Grow?

Devon garden designer Tom Simpson is being supported by South West Water as he creates his first Show Garden at the prestigious Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, which runs from 3 to 8 July 2018. The Royal Horticultural Society announced today (14 February) that The South West Water Green Garden has been accepted as one of only six show gardens in its category. The garden, designed by Tom, aged 28 from Kingswear near Dartmouth, showcases many of the attributes of a sustainable rain garden, treating water as a precious resource and helping to reduce run-off from hard surfaces which can […]

Flybe is best in noise and emissions performance at Heathrow

  UK airline Flybe makes drastic improvements and takes top spot in latest environmental rankings Recognition comes before Flybe’s first anniversary of operating at Heathrow and serving Edinburgh and Aberdeen routes Heathrow data shows +30% decrease in the number of aircraft  departing in sensitive night periods in 2017 Less than a year into its operations at Heathrow, Flybe has distinguished itself in its noise and emissions performance, achieving the top ranking in the latest “Fly Quiet and Green” league table. Data behind the league rankings also shows a marked reduction in the number of aircraft departing in sensitive night time […]

CPRE Devon Challenges House Building Figures

The Devon Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England is commissioning evidence-based research to question the number of new homes that need to be built on greenfield sites to meet the county’s housing needs. At a meeting in Exeter this Friday (January 19th), CPRE Devon will announce the appointment of independent consultants to carry out a proper analysis of the figures used to justify the building of tens of thousands of new homes across Devon over the next ten years. Around one hundred and fifty individuals and organisations have already booked to attend CPRE Devon’s free seminar ‘New housing […]

Infrastructure is evolving. So must we.

Written By Paul Hargreaves, of CH2M In the immortal words of John Cleese in Monty Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’ “What have the Romans evern done for us?” The characters then reel off no fewer than 10 things that the Romans had done for the people of the time;, the majority of which involved early Roman engineers applying the technology of the day to solve society’s challenges. In many cases they were applying existing technologies in ways that others had not considered previously  due to the challenges of increasing populations in urbanised areas. Jump forwards in time to 2017, and […]

Devon based stove manufacturer is leading the industry with its eco-credentials

Hunter Stoves, a Devon based stove manufacturer, are excited to announce that they are an official corporate member of the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. As a company, Hunter Stoves believe that reforesting the UK is vital to ensuring the healthy future of the UK’s natural environment. As a member of the Woodland Trust, Hunter Stoves’ support will help the charity to plant more trees, protect native woodland and wildlife, and ensure that the wood burnt in their stoves is replenished in the natural environment.  Hunter Stoves work closely with the University of Exeter to develop eco-friendly […]

Water Deal for Ethical Cosmetics Retailer Lush

Business water retailer water2business is thrilled to have signed a three-year deal to supply water and wastewater retail services to ethical cosmetics retailer Lush. The deal includes 66 retail stores across England and Scotland, their offices and the manufacturing factories where Lush’s products are made using mostly natural and ethically sourced ingredients. water2business has worked closely with the Poole-based company for many years. This close relationship gave Lush the confidence to switch all of its English and Scottish stores to water2business and means it no longer has to deal with numerous water companies for billing and site issues. Lush will […]

Devon Scientist Reveals How Her Research Led to a Government Ban on Microbeads

A Devon marine biologist who influenced a government ban on microbeads in cosmetics to reduce sea pollution will be telling her story to The STEMM Cell delegates at Exeter Science Park. Imogen Napper was at the helm of a research project that contributed to the government’s decision to ban microbeads, or microplastics, from everyday products including facial scrubs, shower gels and toothpaste, so they can no longer infiltrate our seas and be swallowed by wildlife. Currently working towards her PhD on ‘the sources and fate of plastic pollution in the marine environment’ at the University of Plymouth, Imogen was the […]

Climate Change Already Damaging Health Of Millions – University of Exeter

Climate change is already a significant public health issue and a looming global health emergency, new research shows. The findings, outlined in The Lancet medical journal, demonstrate the various ways climate change is already affecting the health of people across the planet. Leading doctors, academics and policy professionals from 24 organisations – including the University of Exeter – worked on the report. “Human health is vulnerable to climate change and associated changes in air quality,” said Professor Peter Cox, from the University of Exeter. “This vulnerability is exacerbated by economic inequalities and ageing populations. “Action to halt climate change is a […]

Exeter’s Entrepreneurs and Academics Solving The World Energy Crisis

Pioneering research at the University of Exeter into solving the world’s energy crisis and improving energy efficiency has been presented to delegates at the first in a series of talks; The STEMM Cell @ Exeter Science Park. Dr Steven Hepplestone, a lecturer in the theory of quantum mechanics, presented details of the innovative project alongside his research team at The STEMM Cell @ Exeter Science Park – Inspiring Growth event. (Wednesday, September 27). Dr Hepplestone addressed the matter of the world energy crisis, explaining how with quantum mechanics – the study of the smallest constituent particle of matter – we […]

University Of Exeter Trees Remove Pollution Equivalent To Emissions From 798 Family Cars

The thousands of trees at the University of Exeter remove pollution equivalent to emissions from 798 family cars from the atmosphere every year, research shows. New calculations show the 5,000 trees surveyed, from 328 species and six continents, capture 36 tonnes of carbon annually. They also stop 4,217 m³ a year of water – two Olympic swimming pools – from flooding local rivers and remove two tonnes of pollutants from the air. The trees provide more than £20,422 of environmental benefits each year and take away from the environment the equivalent of nitrogen dioxide caused by 90 family cars and […]