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Author: Stella Nicholls - Deputy Editor

Straight Talk – Be Kind…..To Yourself

Written by Stella Nicholls   It has often been said that we are our own worst critics.  This may not be true for all people, but I do tend to catch myself being more harsh on myself than I probably deserve. My husband once said that if anyone else spoke to me the way that I sometimes do, he would ‘punch them in the face’.  Jokes aside, he’s right, why do we criticise who we are, how we look, how we process the world? We are all unique individuals and the differences that we see within ourselves should be...

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Cinema Goers Boost UK Economy

Who would have thought that sitting in the dark, popcorn and chocolate close to hand, watching a film that I have been looking forward to for ages, would make the difference to the Gross Domestic Product statistics for this quarter April – June 2017 which grew slightly by 0.3% over all. Now that sounded like a bit of a mouthful to me to at first, but on doing a bit of research I realised that it is all about the UK economy and how it is faring at the moment. With the box office successes of Pirates of the...

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“…there’s a real story shaping…”- An interview with Daniel Frye

“…there’s a real story shaping and it’s about giving people a chance, giving businesses a chance.” – An interview with Daniel Frye By Stella Nicholls I recently caught up with Daniel Frye, CEO of Grow Marketing. We sat and chatted over a cup of coffee and a biscuit, in an office decorated with the attention to detail that is the product of a creative mind. Just as well, as creative minds are what it takes to run a marketing business that is in touch with the vibrant city of Exeter and surrounding areas. Daniel Frye and Llewellyn Nicholls started...

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