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Author: Grow Exeter Editor

Lisa Lyons: Marketing and Administration Clerk at Magdalen Chambers

Biggest professional achievement to date? Becoming a young supervisor at South West Water, at the age of 19. Moving to Bristol in my early 20’s to clerk at prestigious St Johns Chambers but mainly becoming Joint Senior Clerk of Rougemont Chambers in 2009. Advice for a young woman stepping into the world from school, college or uni? Perseverance and enthusiasm always pays off. Make sure that whatever you do, you have prepared yourself and learn from your experiences whether good or bad. Be true to yourself. If you could make one change to the world? I would make the...

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WE MERGED! Wollen Michelmore merges with Morgan & Pope in Exeter

Merging two well established legal firms is quite an undertaking, but as of the 1st April 2018 Wollen Michelmore merged with Morgan & Pope in Exeter, making this their 5th office around Devon others include Torquay, Newton Abbot, Barnstaple and Dartmouth. The Morgan & Pope team have now been working comfortably under their new name ‘Wollen Michelmore’ for over 2 weeks. Charlotte Mcgregor, Partner at Wollen Michelmore (Previously Morgan & Pope) states that: ‘We were delighted to be able to retain 95% of our staff as part of the merger negotiations and this was important for both parties. We...

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Costa Coffee announces commitment to recycle half a billion takeaway cups a year

Costa Coffee has today announced it will become the first ever coffee chain in the UK to commit to recycling the same volume of cups it puts onto the market in a bid to tackle the challenge of coffee cup recycling and to stop them ending up in landfill. The UK’s favourite coffee shop will recycle up to 500 million coffee cups a year by 2020, the equivalent of its entire yearly sales of takeaway cups and a fifth of the 2.5 billion takeaway coffee cups consumed as a nation each year. Takeaway coffee cups can be recycled but...

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Lauren Heath: Business Support Manager at Ashwoods Electric Motors/Food Blogger and Co-Editor of Dining Devon

Biggest professional achievement to date? I’ll always be proud that I ran an 11-bedroom hotel at the age of 21, with 6 years in the hospitality industry under my belt. That achievement underpins my confidence to do anything new and ‘scary’ now. Best life advice ever received? To look at the problem, think about the possible solution and go with it. Advice for a young woman stepping into the world from school, college or uni? Listen, ask questions, and learn. Have self-confidence and, if you don’t love what you’re doing, use your spare time to swat up on what...

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Lesley Robson: The Right Worshipful, The Lord Mayor of Exeter, Councillor Mrs Lesley Robson

Biggest professional achievement to date? Whilst teaching Maths in Greece, four of my students were given Scholarships for major schools along with some of the work that I have done with dyslexic people, helping them achieve their degrees. Most profound, life-changing, business moment? The choice I made at 15, to choose maths and science over history, which I loved….I thought it would give me more opportunities job wise, whereas I could always enjoy history as a hobby. I was right, AND I am now a Trustee of RAMM Museum. Best life advice ever received? Listen to everyone and respect...

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