5 content marketing tips

It has been widely reported that if you want to grow your business you have to invest in content marketing. We’re told that companies of all sizes simply cannot afford to ignore it any longer. Customers and prospects expect it, they are hungry for your messages and they want to ‘engage’. The world is getting swamped with content marketing services from ‘Content Farms’ of freelance copywriters to ‘Rich Media Content’ from film producers to ‘Branded Content Providers’ such as contract publishers. Beyond the hype some of this is true. Done well across paid, earned and owned media, content marketing can […]

Marketing gymnastics

One of the distinct advantages of being a marketing advisor to a variety of firms, large and small, is that I have the privilege to experience first hand how these different companies run their marketing functions and to hear the challenges they face. I also listen carefully to their hopes and fears for the future. A recurring theme has to be what I call ‘marketing gymnastics’. Successful marketing teams, and those aspiring to marketing excellence, in firms of all sizes that demonstrate the mind-set and attitude of a lean start-up, that is to say they are uniquely optimistic, positively charged […]

The pursuit of happiness: why keeping your customer happy is good for growth

By Trevor Isherwood + Dr. Tiia Maekinen It appears that customer experience is gaining attention as a business driver. In 2014 many brands showed improvements in their customer experiences. In fact, just 1 percent of the brands ranked by Forrester’s annual Customer Experience Index (CXi) benchmark fell into the “very poor” category for customer experience. That’s the lowest number of very poor performers in the benchmark’s seven-year history. Yet many companies are still to prioritise customer experience as a fundamental business driver. Research by Bain & Company demonstrated that whilst 80% of companies felt they delivered good customer service only […]

Branding your family business

Successful use of ‘family’ in marketing and branding appears to correlate with how actively involved family members are in the day-to-day running of the firm. Some industries might also be better suited to branding as a family business, for example, wines, luxury and artisan products where craftsmanship and heritage are valued. Those family businesses that believe marketing and branding are merely about the external image of the firm are certainly taking some risks with their hard earned reputation. Marketing, customer experience and branding represents your company in its entirety and how your customers and competitors perceive and experience it. Effective […]

Looking for growth? It’s time to go outside.

Nobody can ever know your company, products and services better than you, which is why it can be so difficult to decide if, or when, you should bring in marketing support. To help determine whether you ought to outsource your entire marketing function, hire in specialty skills, or keep everything ‘in-house’, you first need to take an honest, critical look at the capabilities and capacities of your team. Few companies possess all the marketing expertise they need in-house, especially of the left-brain, analytic variety needed to better understand their customers in today’s information-soaked environment. And vice versa, in some industries […]

Finding your marketing miracle worker

Hiring a marketing employee can be one of the hardest positions to fill. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader looking to make your first hire one that will drive growth or a growing business looking to expand this core business function, you may find this type of position — above and beyond many others — to be challenging. A lot of other roles are comparably straightforward to define. For example, your accountant must be professionally qualified, detail oriented and great with numbers, whilst an administrative person or receptionist might need to excel at managing incoming customer contact by […]