University of Exeter injects £1.1 billion into economy, generating 11,000 South West jobs

The University of Exeter injects more than £1.17bn into the economy and generates almost 11,000 jobs in the South West, a major new study has revealed. An analysis of the economic impact of Exeter University found that in 2015-16 it injected £540 million (output) into the economy of the city of Exeter alone, helping to create more than 5,300 jobs in the city. In total, 10,757 jobs were generated across the South West by the University. The report the Economic Impact of the University of Exeter was commissioned by the University and carried out by Viewforth Consulting, which provides independent analysis in higher […]

Research Highlights Ethical Sourcing of Materials for Modern Technology – University Of Exeter

Researchers from the Camborne School of Mines have identified methods to predict the environmental and social cost of resourcing new deposits of rare earth minerals used in the production of mobile phones, wind turbines and electric vehicles. The team are pioneering techniques to develop the equivalent of a ‘Fairtrade’ model for ethically and sustainably resourcing raw materials that are crucial in the manufacturing of next generation technologies. In the research the team highlight the pivotal role that geoscientists can play in developing ‘life cycle assessment techniques” for potential new deposits of rare earth elements, to meet the growing worldwide demand. […]

App inspired by Pokémon GO aims to reconnect people with British wildlife

Two University Of Exeter students have created an app inspired by Pokémon GO to help people connect with nature. Instead of chasing Pikachu and Charmander, users of PocketPals will track 3D animated animals and learn how to identify British wildlife. Danielle Connor, a Zoology student and award-winning photographer at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus, and Matt Brown, an Animation and Visual Effects student at Falmouth University, have created PocketPals – which should be available in summer 2018. With the popularity of Pokémon GO, a mobile phone game in which players find and capture fictional creatures, Danielle and Matt saw an opportunity […]

Law Students to Give Free Legal Advice

University of Exeter law students are helping vulnerable people who are missing out on legal services by providing free information and advice clinics in Devon. Cuts to legal aid over the past four years have left many people without funding to pay for legal services. Undergraduates at the University of Exeter Law School hope the new clinics, run as part of their course, will help fill the gap. The University of Exeter Community Law Clinic opened its doors this month. The first of the clinics to open was the Access to Justice Clinic. Academics and students working in the Clinic […]

Climate Change Already Damaging Health Of Millions – University of Exeter

Climate change is already a significant public health issue and a looming global health emergency, new research shows. The findings, outlined in The Lancet medical journal, demonstrate the various ways climate change is already affecting the health of people across the planet. Leading doctors, academics and policy professionals from 24 organisations – including the University of Exeter – worked on the report. “Human health is vulnerable to climate change and associated changes in air quality,” said Professor Peter Cox, from the University of Exeter. “This vulnerability is exacerbated by economic inequalities and ageing populations. “Action to halt climate change is a […]

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to University of Exeter academic

Anti-nuclear campaigners, including a University of Exeter academic, have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The work of Richard Moyes and other members of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) was honoured because of their “ground-breaking efforts to achieve a treaty prohibition” on nuclear weapons. Mr Moyes runs the organisation Article 36, which is an International Steering Group member of the ICAN. Article 36 works to prevent the unintended, unnecessary or unacceptable harm caused by certain weapons. ICAN has campaigned and worked in partnership with governments and the International Committee of the Red Cross for the development of an […]

Women Can Be Just As Daring And Risky As Men, New Studies Show

Women can be just as risky as men – or even riskier – when the conventional macho measures of daring – such as betting vast sums on a football game – are replaced by less stereotypical criteria, according to new research led by the University of Exeter. Traditional barometers of high risk behaviour – such as betting a day’s wages at a high stakes poker game or riding a motorcycle without a helmet – are often stereotypically masculine. A team of psychologists – Dr Thekla Morgenroth and Professor Michelle Ryan from the University of Exeter and Professor Cordelia Fine and Anna Genat from the […]

£500,000 for dementia brain research at Exeter

Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) has announced more than £500,000 in funding for researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School to advance understanding of how dementia affects the brain. Announced on World Alzheimer’s Day (Thursday September 21), the charity is investing a total of £577,000 in three leading researchers, to look at different aspects of the cause and progression of dementia. Professor Clive Ballard, Executive Dean of the University of Exeter Medical School, and a leading dementia researcher, said: “Dementia is key area of our research focus at Exeter, and continues to grow in size and excellence. Our research ranges from […]

University and Exeter Chiefs to offer rugby PhD

The University of Exeter has teamed up with Exeter Chiefs rugby club to fund a PhD study into the injury risks facing young rugby players. The fully funded PhD student will investigate risk factors for injuries in Exeter Chiefs academy players. The results will be used to inform the way training is carried out, and possibly for other interventions to help aspiring rugby stars. “This exciting new development demonstrates the ongoing commitment of Exeter Chiefs to invest in research to ensure that scientific evidence underpins how they develop and sustain young players” said Dr Sharon Dixon, of the University of Exeter, […]

University Of Exeter Trees Remove Pollution Equivalent To Emissions From 798 Family Cars

The thousands of trees at the University of Exeter remove pollution equivalent to emissions from 798 family cars from the atmosphere every year, research shows. New calculations show the 5,000 trees surveyed, from 328 species and six continents, capture 36 tonnes of carbon annually. They also stop 4,217 m³ a year of water – two Olympic swimming pools – from flooding local rivers and remove two tonnes of pollutants from the air. The trees provide more than £20,422 of environmental benefits each year and take away from the environment the equivalent of nitrogen dioxide caused by 90 family cars and […]